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Omfinancial is one of the fastest growing companies across the globe conquering the advertising industry through utilising the advanced digital technology in this 21st century. Our success has been attributed through a dedicated qualified team of experts who understand the era of digital advertising through crowd funding!

That’s why, a successful Omfinancial company has the ability to make key decisions in another business, engage in recruitment and cleaning of staff, up to the managerial level, gets the necessary control over the activities of its subsidiaries.

In addition to minority interests in companies, Omfinancial can own patents, real estate, hedge funds and more. The direct task of the Omfinancial company is to control its investments in the autonomous operation of assets.

The effectiveness of Omfinancial is a merit and a direct consequence of the coordinated work of a team of qualified professionals selected through a complex competition.

Our purpose is to scale the business by increasing the number of subsidiaries and "grandchild" controlled companies in various markets.

We are experts in social promoting and advertising of well established companies across the globe through our crowd funding platform.

For three years of effective activity we have achieved great results, because the capitalization of our company has increased by more than 800%.

If it has been only a small, closed joint stock company before, now numerous investments from physical and juridical persons, who are accepted directly through our official website, go to the purchase of new shares and the strengthening of the position of our Omfinancial on the market.